Football Pastors

Football Pastors

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Club Chaplain Tim Banks leads our team of Football Pastors. You can contact Tim on his mobile: 07734 734573, or by email:

Mission Statement

Sporting 87 Football Pastors support the Christian growth of Club members, their families and friends; strongly contributing to the definition of Sporting 87 as a Christian club. As ambassadors Football Pastors convey the compassion and love of Christ to all that enjoy football at Sporting 87, be they our own or visiting: players, officials and supporters.

Aims and objectives

The mission statement primarily translates to the provision of general wellbeing and safeguarding duties pitch-side and at Club events, through social interaction and thereafter further support when needed. Our pastors team are able to make referral of further pastoral need to relevant church ministries. The pastors also support our wellfare officers pitch side and at training sessions. Please feel free to discuss any matters of spiritual guidance and education with them; Nigel Corwin, Mark Crawford, Daniel Goodwin and Jonathan Warnock will be pleased to help you.