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Welcome to sporting 87 FC


Mission Statement

Sporting 87 FC is a Christian club dedicated to playing football to the highest possible standards of competition, ability, and good conduct. The Club is committed to developing the Christian growth of its members and being an ambassador of Christ to those it meets.

Introduction to the Club

As the name suggests Sporting 87 FC was formed in 1987 to enable Christians to play football in an environment that would provide a strong and noticeable witness to the local football community. Since those early days over 20 years ago the Club has developed and progressed enormously into a popular and successful adult and youth FA Charter Club. Sporting 87 FC has a tradition of playing football in the correct manner and within the spirit and laws of the game. As to be expected the Club assigns much importance to its beliefs, which translate into its three key themes of provision:

–  Providing opportunity
–  Playing with integrity
–  Caring about everyone

Testimony to the quality of its provision the Club has won the Suffolk FA Charter Club of the Year Award, prestigious FA national awards for its Young Leaders Programme, and has had the honour of receiving two of only 150 FA National Awards for services to grassroots football (representing over 400,000 volunteers throughout the country). With opportunities for girls and boys up to U18 and three adults teams, the Club welcomes everyone, both Christians and non-Christians who share its values.

Club Officials

See Contact us if you’d like to get in touch with the Club – initial general inquiries through the Secretary please.

For all inquiries regarding joining our children’s and youth teams contact the Youth Development Director: Darren.Brown@Sporting87.co.uk

Club Secretary
Welfare Officer
and Football Development Director

Jonathan Warnock
Mobile: 07946 733184
Email: Jonathan.Warnock@Sporting87.co.uk

Outside of the Club Jonathan is member of the Christians in Football (CIF) executive. The CIF is a “Network Association and Mission Agency which will always seek effective and creative ways to help empower church-based football groups and individual Christian players, all over the country, to reach people for Christ and then bringing them to maturity in both their faith and their sport”. Jonathan is also a director of the Club’s associated charity Sporting 87 Educational Trust and a director of the Victory Sports Ground Ltd.

Club Chairman

Graeme Thomas

Club Vice Chairman

Ray Balmer


Nigel Johnson

Other Committee Members

Andrew Berry

Caroline Owen

Tim Banks

Darren Brown

Jonathan Warnock

Youth Club Chairman

Darren Brown

Outside of the Club Darren is the Vice Chair of the Suffolk FA WAYS League. Darren is also a director of the Club’s associated charity Sporting 87 Educational Trust.

Other Youth Committee Members

Graeme Thomas

Jonathan Warnock

Youth Welfare Team

Youth Welfare Officer

Jonathan Warnock
Mobile: 07946 733184
Email: Jonathan.Warnock@Sporting87.co.uk

Club Administrator

Linda Lancaster
Email: Admin@Sporting87.co.uk

Club Consultant Psychologist

James Manning
BSc, ClinPsyD, PgDip, C.Psychol, MBPS

James is a chartered clinical psychologist –
Director of West Suffolk CBT Services Ltd

As well as supporting the Football Club
James also provides subject matter expertise:
programme/session planning guidance and
individual improvement plan support to the
Personal Development Centre (PDC) of the
Sporting 87 Educational Trust.

Match-day Assistant

Donna Warnock

Club Chaplain


Tim Banks
Mobile: 07734 734573
Email: Tim.Banks@Sporting87.co.uk

Football Pastors Team

Nigel Corwin and Joel Foyster

Football Pastors webpage

Our Christian underpinning

The Club is run by a multi denomination Christian leadership and receives some funding from Christian based organisations. Although the Club was founded to principally enable Christians to play football in a positive and supportive environment, it is not exclusively for Christians and accepts players of any religion or of no faith at all. Members who don’t share the ‘beliefs’ of the Club are still very much expected to adhere to its values and ethos. The Club Chaplain, along with a team of pastors provides moral, spiritual and practical support to our members and visitors.

Christian values and ethos

Basic Christian values form the ethos and character of the Club. These values have been translated into the Club’s procedures, standards, rules, codes of conduct and development systems; each declaring what is held as important and what behaviour is deemed appropriate. Of course Christians do not hold exclusive rights to these values, which is why non-Christians that share them are welcome to join us. Our Club Chaplain and Football Pastors are the best people to explain what it means to be a Christian; what Christian aspirations are and how this affects our daily lives, but as a start to understanding the Club’s ethos, its: motto, themes of provision and mission statement can be considered.

“Witness through football”. Our behaviour when playing, coaching or administering football should be consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Themes of provision:
1. “Providing opportunity” – each person is created as a very special individual possessing a vast spectrum of talents. Each has a right to discover and fulfil their God-given purposes in life and thereby exercise these talents. The Club endeavours to help its members fulfil their potential in everyway it can.
2. “Playing with integrity” – correct to the laws of the game, with fairness and honesty. The FA RESPECT and fair-play initiatives are deemed by the Club as minimum standards in this respect, i.e. the Club also expects exemplary behaviour in terms of courtesy, politeness and friendliness.
3. “Caring about everyone” – valuing each individual, providing them with thoughtful, measured and appropriate football and personal development opportunities. Beyond the football context, this theme also includes having concern for general and spiritual wellbeing and providing practical help where we can.

Young Leaders Programme

Project managers James Price and Rob Wiseman

Young leader logo

Telephone: 07772 781404

Emails: James.Price@Sporting87.co.uk

Young Leaders webpage

Find us on

Educational Trust SPOGO link